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Downtime costs money in every sense however, Cedar Link can minimise any losses as well as reducing your overheads in terms of stock or spare equipment by getting spare parts sourced, packed and delivered to your location.

Whether your business is large or small, Cedar Link will be able to provide you with the right machinery for the size of project you are undertaking and to match your budget.

Cedar Link are committed to keeping your site machinery working and you meeting your schedules and budgets.


cedar_oilOil & Gas

Whether onshore or offshore, the need to keep wells working is critical. Cedar Link supplies all of the necessary engines, gears and generators for drilling, pumping, service and production. We have shipped parts worldwide and focus on making sure that your equipment not only works, but is efficient and effective in its job.

Cedar Link can solve all of your engine and generator requirements quickly and effectively.




Construction companies who can relax in the knowledge that wherever they may be in the world we can get spares to their sites faster than some local understocked dealer.

No matter what the size of the construction project, Cedar Link can get the supplies and machinery to your site to minimise downtime and ensure that time frames and budgets are always met.

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